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Lasers and leveling equipment have a fundamental purpose of creating a level plane from which to build your foundation/deck/driveway etc. from, so it is critical to ensure that they are doing their job! Leveling equipment does go out of calibration and become inaccurate over time due to dropping, knocks and bumps and general usage.

You should regularly carry out a self test and send to the service workshop at least once per year (preferably every six months) for a full test and calibration. For the small fee you pay it is definitely worth the costly errors you could avoid!

Below are some simple steps to self check your laser level for accuracy.

1) Set your laser up 30m away from a wall on a stable tripod, preferably with a plumb bubble for greater accuracy.

2) Align the laser so that one side is parallel with the wall (if you have a perfectly round laser ignore this step).

3) Once the laser has self-levelled and started spinning draw a mark on the wall by either visually marking the beam line or using a detector to locate the beam line, Label this mark 'point A'.

4) Turn the laser exactly 180 degrees in the same place and wait for laser to self-level and start spinning again. Following step 3, draw another mark on the wall and label 'point B'.

5) If the difference between point A and point B is greater than 3mm you should send your laser in for a service and calibration.

6) You now need to check the other axis of the laser level, turn the laser 90 degrees and follow step 3, label the mark as 'point C'.

7) Follow step 4 and mark this as 'point D'.

8) If the difference between point D and point D is greater than 3mm you should send your laser in for a service and calibration.

Our service workshop is professionally set up to provide a perfect testing base for laser level accuracy, incorporating and optical collimator unit which provide 1mm accuracy recording at a simulated 30m range. We adjust the lasers we service (if laser quality allows) to 1mm accuracy which is well within the +-3mm accuracy specification.

FUKUDA - the Fukuda brand of lasers has proven themselves as winners in the field and consistently impress with their accuracy quality and ability to retain good accuracy under duress, based on this we distribute the full range of Fukuda equipment and recommend it for professional construction purposes.

All our Fukuda laser levels are tested and calibration prior to despatch and have back up parts and service available so you can buy our leveling equipment with confidence. Be aware when purchasing lasers from the large retailers of the quality of the mechanics of the level, accuracy and whether a backup service exists.