Rotary Laser Level - FRE301 & Set

FRE301 Digital Rotary Laser Level


This rotary laser is ideal for mid-range outdoor horizontal and vertical layout, as well as interior acoustic ceiling and drywall installation.

Electronic self-leveling, wide leveling range, high precision and stability.
Plumb beam for 90° layout work.
With Lay down feature.
With scanning function.
With clockwise and counterclockwise spining function.
Manual with dual slopes adjustment.
Full function IR remote control.
H.I. (elevation) alert with separate switch.

Features and Functions

For Indoor & Outdoor use with a 635nm, class II visible red laser output
Sealed water-proof construction
Self-levelling both horizontally & vertically
Up dot for setting Plumb & groundworks squaring
Accurate 3 axis electronic sensor
IR control via handheld
Remote Anti-Drift system (Bump sensor)
Dual Grade & SCAN facility
Auto shut-off - if instrument goes outside of its levelling range
Low battery indication
Rechargeable battery system
Full 12 months parts & labour Warranty

You have the facility to totally stop or move the red dot slowly in either direction using the remote control. Rotational speed is adjustable in 4 increments up to max. of 600 rpm.

For Indoor use, the SCAN facility comes into its own. This enables the User to stop the dot, then make it oscillate as a short intense red line in one area of the room only. Left/right keys on the remote control moves this laser line to the exact area of working. A really useful feature.

FRE301 Digital Rotary Laser Level


You can keep XX axis auto level, whilst setting a Grade (tilt angle) on the YY axis. This is helpful for setting falls of drainage, car-parks & access ways. Or you can set grades in both axis together (ie. DUAL Grade facility).

Additionally, a perfectly plumb laser dot is generated above the instrument via the prism system. With the instrument set on its side to spin vertically, this dot can be used to set 90 degree right angles for groundworks Squaring etc.


Horizontal accuracy: +/- 3mm over 30 metres (+/-20 arc seconds)
Vertical accuracy: +/- 3mm over 30 metres (+/20 arc seconds)
Auto (self) levelling range: +/-5 degree (instrument will auto level on a surface within 5 degrees of true level)
Measuring range: 300 metres diameter (using the supplied laser detector)
Rotation speed: 0, 60, 300 & 600rpm
Dual Grade range: +/-5 degree (in both X & Y axis)
Laser Output: 635nm class II visible red laser diode
Laser ground plumbing: Accuracy +/-1mm / 1.5m
Remote Control range: 20m by IR
Power supply: 4 x 1.5 Volt rechargeable batteries (included)
Continuous operating: 40hrs approx.
Working Temperature: -20 to +50 deg C
Waterproof protection: IP54
Instrument Dimensions: 200(L) x 150(W) x 184H (mm)
Instrument weight: 2kg (with batteries)
Robust & foam lined, carry case: 370 x 250 x 250(H) mm
Kit gross weight: 4.6kg

Kit Includes

FRE301 Digital Rotary Laser Level

Calibrated FRE-301 Laser instrument (colour may differ from that pictured)
Laser Detector with mounting clamp bracket
IR Remote Control
Rechargeable battery pack for laser
Mains charger unit
Batteries for Detector & Remote Control
Red laser enhancement glasses
Red magnetic target plate
Instruction & Safety manual
Robust & foam lined, carry case
Includes tripod and 5m aluminium staff

tripod and 5m aluminium staff


Compact Laser Detector (Receiver)

Product Details

Included in the kit, is a compact Laser Detector (receiver), to extend the range of the FRE-301 to 300 metres diameter.

Features and Functions

Large detecting range compatible with visible red output lasers from 635 nm to 780 nm.
High accuracy.
Audible and visual indication of set LEVEL.
Staff mounting clamp bracket


Detecting accuracy: fine & course settings +/- 1mm & +/- 2mm
Display: Front & back LCD
Audible pitch warning. (selectable On/Off)
Power supply: 1 x 9V battery
Operating time: Approx 30 hours continuous, at 20 deg C.
Low battery warning via LCD
Power Conservation: 10 minutes auto cut-off.
Dimensions: 65 x 25 x 135mm
Weight: 285g (with battery & bracket)