Rotary Laser Level - FRE205B & Set


FRE 205B in box


A down to earth single speed laser level, with no gradient function, but still auto leveling.

The instrument itself only has 1 button, an on and off switch. This will automatically give you a rotating laser beam with high accuracy. This is ideal for most uses and gives an accuracy of +/-20mm over 100m.

The sturdy housing also provides a very stable and reliable tool.

FRE 205B on tripod


Leveling Accuracy Horizontal: 20" (or 2mm in 10m)
Self leveling Range 5 degrees
Measuring Range Diameter: 500m (with laser detector)
Spinning Speed of 600 r.p.m
Light Source Laser Diode wavelength: 635nm
Laser Standard Class II
Working Temperature from -20 to +50 degrees C.
Power supply DC 4.8-6V (4 *AA NI-MH batteries or Alkaline batteries)
Hours in continuous use Approximately 20 hours
Water-proof IP 64
Dimension 190mm(L)*145mm(W)*166mm(D)

The set comes with:- Instrument, tripod and staff, detector with clamp, batteries, battery charger, safety glasses, instruction and a hard plastic case with foam insert.

The set comes with rechargeable batteries and its own recharger but standard AA batteries can also be used. This combines the economy of rechargeable system but with the convenience of being able to stick a set of standard batteries in if you forget to recharge.