Rotary Laser Level - FRE203 & Set


Rotary Laser Level - FRE203 set


Electronic self-levelling, wide levelling range, high precision and stability.
With MCU control, easy operation and high trustworthiness.
Vertical setting the unit, supply a horizontal plane and vertical line, with plumb point.
Lay-down jobs, supply a vertical plane and a horizontal line.
With scanning function.
With clockwise and counter clockwise rotating function.
With setting slope dual axis.
Good waterproofing.
With remote control.

Rotary Laser Level - FRE203 set


Levelling Accuracy Horizontal: ±20" (3mm over 30m)
Vertical: ±20"
Levelling Range: ±5°
Measuring Range Diameter: 500m(Using the laser detector)
Spinning Speed: r.p.m
Directional-Scanning Angle: Approximately 0°, 10°, 45°, 90°, 180°
Slope-adjusting Range: ±5° (Bi-directional)
Light Source Laser Diode, wavelength: 635nm
Down Point Diode Accuracy: ±1mm/1.5m
Remote controlling Distance Approximately 20m
Working Temperature -20.-- +50.(-4°F-- +122°F)
Power Supply DC 4.8-6V(4 section of NI-MH batteries
or 4 section of NI-MH rechargeable batteries)
14 Hours in continuous use Approximately 20 hours
Water-proof: IP 54
Dimension: 160(L)x160(W)x185(H)mm
Weight: 2.0kg
Set comes with Instrument, detector with bracket, remote, charger, Aluminium case, tripod and 5m staff.