FRD800 Detector

Product Details

Price: NZ$360 plus NZ$20 postage

FRD4800 detector


Heavy duty laser receiver.
This receiver is different from the respect that it shows a millimetre readout of how far the beam is off centre.
Once you have used one of these you will never want to use a regular receiver again!
1 year warranty and back up service workshop.

Features and Functions

Front and rear LCD indicator screen
High accuracy and coarse accuracy settings
Auto switch off
x2 built in plumb bubbles
x4 AA battery power supply
Large detecting window
Magnets on receiver
Detecting range 400m
Rugged construction with rubber protective casing
Free shipping NZ wide
Ideal for perfect level measuring and measuring layers e.t.c. without adjusting laser.
Includes staff bracket
(Staff not included)